I am an HPCSA accredited trainer.  I train clinical, counselling and educational psychologists as well as counselors and social workers in a technique called TRAUMATIC Incident Reduction (TIR). I am registered as a TIR trainer with the TIR association of America.

I also give a one day TIR introductory talk to psychologists.  This talk aims at facilitating an epistemological shift in terms of  a different perspective on the dynamics of emotional experiences and psychological issues and psychiatric disorders.  It promotes a respectful approach to the primary role of trauma in emotional and mental well being.

I am also a clinical psychologist in private practice.  I have over 17 years experience in psychotherapy and work over a broad spectrum of psychological issues and symptoms.  I work with adults, teenagers and couples.

I also provide an online therapy service.  Click on the link below to make a Skype therapy appointment.

Click on these links to register for the workshop or the talk, or to book an appointment for therapy.