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How to become a TIR Facilitator

Become a Certified TIR Facilitator in these few easy steps

Step 1

- Complete the TIR Workshop - 4 days.

Step 2

- Complete 50 hours practical TIR, Unblocking and TTIR sessions under supervision.

Step 3

- Undergo 10 hours personal TIR, TTIR and Unblocking sessions.

Step 4

- Record a TIR session.

Step 5

- Complete the TIRA questionnaire.

Step 6

- Obtain certification as a TIR facilitator from AMI-TIRA (Applied Meta-psychology Traumatic Incident Reduction Association - America).  This is an international certification.

Step 7

- Start practicing as a TIR Facilitator.

The total package course cost to become a TIR Facilitator is:

Price to be confirmed

This includes :

1. The TIR Workshop.

2. Supervision for your 50 hours practical work.

3. Your own 10 hour sessions.


This is an international certification as a TIR Facilitator and a national certification as a TIR Facilitator.

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Honor your passion to help others and start a career as a TIR Facilitator