What is a TIR Facilitator?

A TIR Facilitator is someone who is certified to used TIR (Traumatic Incident Recution), to help others to resolve their trauma.  
This is international certification happens through AMI-TIRA America.
It is also a national qualification as after your certification as a TIR Facilitator with AMI-TIRA (Applied Metapsychology International-Traumatic Incident Reduction Association America), you may register as a TIR Facilitator with the TIR Association of South Africa.

What does a TIR Facilitator do?

After your are certified as a TIR Facilitator through the different associations, you may start practicing as a TIR Facilitator.  In other words you may open a practice and start helping people with your qualification as a TIR Facilitator.  Your scope of practice as described by the TIR Association of South Africa will be limited to single event trauma and psychological issues.  You will use TIR, and a tool called Unblocking to help those who come to you for help.  You may also further your studies through the TIR association of South Africa, if you wish to. 


TIR is an extremely powerful trauma therapy tool.  Its major value rests however on the fact that this tool is more than a trauma therapy tool.  It can be used to resolve a broad spectrum of psychological issues and psychiatric symptoms. I have been using this tool as a clinical psychologists for the last 7 years with amazing results.  This is why I am confident that those whom I have trained to become purist in TIR will achieve results that are of equal standard.


The aim is that after the completion of your certification as a TIR Facilitator with AMI-TIRA and the TIR Association of South Africa,  you may start practicing as a TIR Facilitator in South Africa if you have no other qualifications, and thus start a practice in which you are allowed to see individuals for trauma therapy and use this tool to resolve single event major trauma as well as chronic trauma.  Practicing as a TIR Facilitator, as it is done in America, is however still under negotiation with the relevant governing institutions such as the HPCSA.  I will update the information here, so please keep an eye out for any updates .

Your scope of practice will, however, be limited and specified by the regulations of the TIR Association of South Africa, You will practice under the strict ethical guidelines of the  TIR Association of South africa and AMI-TIRA.