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Become a TIR Training Affiliate

We need training affiliates across the globe to market our Online TIR Workshops to professionals; registered psychologists, counsellors, social workers and social workers as well as non-professionals who are interested in qualifying as Certified TIR Facilitators.
What you will earn
Affiliates earn a percentage of the workshop fee for every workshop attendee they have registered and for every Online TIR Workshop with a minimy for 5 and a maximum of 12 attendees they have successfully arranged.
Your Role as an Affiliate

Being a workshop affiliate can be extremely rewarding.  Not only can it help you to grow as a psychotherapist but it can also be financially rewarding.

Hi I want to be a workshop affiliate

Hi I want to be a workshop affiliate

1. You need to educate yourself on what TIR is (you can find information on this website and on Google), learn how the TIR Workshop works, its layout and content.  Have Zoom meetings with the trainer to ensure that you are ready to market the workshop.

2. Market the website online or in-person.  Your promotion material and information needs to be approved by us.




3. Get a group of minnumu 5 people and maximum 12 people to register for the allocated workshop date. It can be a pure group or a mixed group of educational, clinical or counselling psychologists, social workers and counsellors.  Non-professionals are allowed to register for the workshop. Click here to read the steps on how non-professionals can become certified TIR Facilitators.



4. Part of your responsibilities include contacting the individuals who have registered, make sure they have sent their proof of payments and follow up on whether they have received all the necessary workshop documents and meeting links.

Thanks! Message sent.

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