the TIr Workshop 4 day Programme


Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) is an extraordinarily powerful trauma therapy tool.  It was developed by Frank Gerbode and others a number of years ago.  The most valuable aspect of this tool is however its value as a psychotherapy tool.  TIR is not only a trauma therapy tool but a psychotherapy tool which brings about fast, effective and permanent change.  It can be applied to any psychological issues and most psychiatric disorders.  I have been practicing TIR for the last seven years with unbelievable results.  I have never had so many people thanking me for the amazing change they felt in themselves. 

Being so impressd by this technique, I decided to write an article on its efficacy as a psychotherapy tool.  The article was published by the TIR association of America in their international newsletter and they also published it on Amazon as a monograph.  

To find our more about TIR and its use as a psychotherapy tool you can read this article.  All the money made from its sales are donated to the TIR association of America.

R5500 for a 4 day workshop 2020 - lunch included

Psychologists - 25 CPD Points 2 are ethics CPD Points
Counsellors - 25 CPD Points 2 are ethics CPD Points
Social Workers - 20 CPD Points 


I present a one day introductory talk on TIR to psychologists.  This talk is accredited by the HPCSA for CPD points and will involve a discussion on the dynamics of traumatic experiences in mental and emotional well being.  Case studies will be discussed and the course aims to facilitate a new perspective on the origins of psychological issues and psychiatric symptoms and a new therapeutic stance within this epistemology.  The talk will revolve around my article called Looking Trhough the Trauma Lens.

R1500 for a full day talk- lunch included

Counsellors - 8 CPD Points 
Psychologists - 8 CPD Points 
Social Workers - 8 CPD Points