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Online TIR Workshop Dates    Four-day Training Workshop


Please WhatsApp your name and surname and the words TIR Workshop to

083 309 4508

to join the workshop date and configuration voting group 

This allows you to participate in choosing the workshop configuration and dates which are more suitable to your unique needs

Examples of workshop configurations:

4 Consecutive days

A Friday and Saturday and the next Friday and Saturday

A Friday and Saturday and the Friday and Saturday 2 weeks later

4 Consecutive Fridays

4 Consecutive Saturdays

4 Consecutive Mondays

4 Consecutive Sundays

The WhatsApp groups will be groups of 10 participants only

You will be allowed to vote on the group as soon as your registration form and proof of payment or debit order has been received.

Participants will vote on the workshop start date as soon as the voting on the workshop configuration is completed.








TIME : South African Standard Time (SAST)

Start                                                            09:00 - 11:00  am

Tea/Coffe Break                                             11:00 -  11:30  am

Lunch Break                                                  01:00 - 02:00  pm

End                                                              02:00 - 04:00 pm 






Cost  Monthly Installment Option


You may choose to pay the workshop over 13 months.  

The monthly installment is R300.  

If you choose this option, you will pay a registration fee of R500.

Please WhatsApp 083 309 4508 and ask to join the WhatsApp group where we will be discussing the first workshop date.  

The voting will start as soon as we have 10 participants.




Receive CPD Certificates plus a certificate from the TIR Association of America

   - Psychologists (all categories) - earn 24 CPD points (2 ethics)

   - Social Workers - earn 20 CPD points

   - Registered Counsellors - earn 24 CPD Points (2 ethics)


Workshop Registration

All Workshop material will be received upon registration.

The Zoom meeting link will be mailed as soon as the registration is completed.