Workshop Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully

1.  Affiliates must have a professional qualification.  It does not have to be in psychology.  Students in psychology, social work or counselling are welcome to register.

2.  All promotional material, if any is used must either come from us or be approved by us before distribution.

4.  All promotion will be done at the affiliates own discretion and costs.

5.  Workshop date availability will be dependent on how busy the workshop schedule is for the year and must be confirmed by us before it is advertised.

6.  All recruited workshop attendees must be given a registration form (this will be provided) to fill in. This form must be sent via email together with the compulsory R1000 to secure the registration for the workshop.  The R1000 deposit is non-refundable, unless a cancellation was done under extreme circumstances.

7.  It is important that affiliates familiarize themselves with the process which workshop attendees without any qualifications who would like to attend the workshop, must follow if they do not have any qualifications, 

8.  The minimum amount of workshop attendees that will be accepted before a workshop is booked through an affiliate, is 20.  There are circumstances under which fewer attendees will be accepted.

9. It is the workshop affiliates responsibility to type and print a detailed and accurate attendance register before the first day of the workshop.  The attendance register template will be provided.

10.  Affiliates will be paid a commission of R10 000 as soon as all 20 workshop attendees have paid in full.  The commission will be less if the affiliate did not find 20 attendees.

11.  Being a workshop affiliate must not be in conflict with your company policy if you are employed or operate under an institution or company.

12.  It is the responsibility of the workshop affiliate to find, book and secure a suitable venue and caterers of good quality within the budget restrictions given, unless there is already a fixed venue for that specific area. The catering will include tea, coffee and teatime snacks as well as lunch.  The venue must have tables and chairs for workshop attendees, must be private and quiet, must have a whiteboard and pens and must have either a television or projector for presentations and videos.

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