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Workshop Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully

1.  Affiliates must have a professional qualification.  It does not have to be in psychology.  Students in psychology, social work or counselling are welcome to register.

2.  All promotional material, if any is used must either come from us or be approved by us before distribution. The workshop may be marketed online or in-person.

4.  All promotion will be done at the affiliates own discretion and costs.

5.  Workshop date availability will be dependent on how busy the workshop schedule is for the year and must be confirmed by us before it is advertised.

6.  It is important that affiliates familiarize themselves with the process which workshop attendees without any qualifications who would like to attend the workshop, must follow if they do not have any qualifications, 

7.  The minimum amount of workshop attendees that will be accepted before a workshop is booked through an affiliate, is 5.  There are circumstances under which fewer attendees will be accepted.

8. It is the affiliates responsibility to follow up on registration, payment and information and links.  The workshop needs to be paid in full before the first day of the workshop.

10.  Affiliates will be paid a commission per workshop attendee which they have registered and for each workshop that has successfully been arranged.

11.  Being a workshop affiliate must not be in conflict with your company policy if you are employed or operate under an institution or company.

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